Just Wealth helps client take action on building wealth in the short-term and long-term.

I am passionate about helping clients effectively and efficiently build wealth, automate savings and investing, and reach financial goals for themselves and loved ones -- so you can spend your time focusing on family, community, your life's work, personal endeavors, and making the world a better place.

I provide personally relevant and accessible financial education to help you understand how to make money and financial systems work for you, and to build your confidence as a critical consumer of mainstream financial advice. 

Just Wealth is a fee-only financial planning firm and upholds a fiduciary duty to all clients. 

This means that my fees are based on the quality of personalized advice I provide to you, and the time I spend conducting an objective analysis of your financial situation. I do not earn commissions, and do not sell investment or insurance products. My clients' goals are my focus. 

Just Wealth is a virtual financial planning practice and works with clients throughout the U.S.

My firm is a Registered Investment Advisor. I work with clients via video conferencing, and all information gathering and communication is done digitally. Less paper is a good thing.

Financial Planning Topics Include: 

  • Automate your savings

  • Automate your investments

  • Create a savings plan

  • Organize your financial life

  • Buy a home or investment property

  • Eliminate debt and improve your credit score

  • Understand insurance

  • Get a clear sense of your financial goals

  • Develop your investment strategy

  • Plan for education expenses

  • Deal with student loans

  • Maximize your benefits at work

  • Plan for big changes to your finances

  • Combine finances with a partner

For all new clients: Financial Planning Onboarding

$600 for individuals / $800 for couples

Our onboarding will be a two-hour meeting where we’ll get a clear sense of your financial picture and define and set a timeline for your financial goals. I’ll also provide specific recommendations and help you start taking the necessary next steps toward your goals.

You’ll also have continuous access to my secure online financial planning portal during and after our sessions that we’ll personalize for your unique financial situation.

This will be an interactive process, and I’ll be your guide along the way. 

For returning clients: Ongoing Retainer Financial Planning

Starting at $2,400 for individuals / $3,600 for couples

Annual fees are based on the amount of client assets. The annual retainer is capped at $4,800 for individuals / $7,200 for couples.

We’ll meet 4-6 times our first year, and 2-3 every year after that, to keep you on track with your financial goals and investments.

You’ll have unlimited access to me via email and anytime access to a secure financial planning portal, where I’ll update your financial plan regularly and as needed.

Overall, you’ll get organization, simplicity, and peace of mind when it comes to your money.


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