Just Wealth helps client take action on building wealth in the short-term and long-term.

I am passionate about helping clients effectively and efficiently build wealth, automate savings and investing, and reach financial goals for themselves and loved ones -- so you can spend your time focusing on family, community, your life's work, personal endeavors, and making the world a better place.

I provide personally relevant and accessible financial education to help you understand how to make money and financial systems work for you, and to build your confidence as a critical consumer of mainstream financial advice. 

Just Wealth is a fee-only financial planning firm and upholds a fiduciary duty to all clients. 

This means that my fees are based on the quality of personalized advice I provide to you, and the time I spend conducting an objective analysis of your financial situation. I do not earn commissions, and do not sell investment or insurance products. My clients' goals are my focus. 

Just Wealth is a virtual financial planning practice and works with clients throughout the U.S.

My firm is a Registered Investment Advisor with the Commonwealth of MA. I work with clients via video conferencing, and all information gathering and communication is done digitally. Less paper is a good thing.

Financial Planning Topics Include: 

  • Automate your savings 
  • Automate your investments
  • Create a savings plan
  • Organize your financial life
  • Buy a home or investment property
  • Eliminate debt and improve your credit score
  • Understand insurance
  • Get a clear sense of your financial goals
  • Develop your investment strategy
  • Plan for education expenses
  • Deal with student loans
  • Maximize your benefits at work
  • Plan for big changes to your finances
  • Combine finances with a partner

For new clients and returning clients:

| Hourly Financial Planning |

This is how new clients start working with Just Wealth.

Initial financial planning meetings last up to 2 hours. We’ll discuss and get a clear sense of your financial picture, and define and set a timeline for your financial goals. Semiannual or annual meetings are recommended to update the financial plan. 

This will be an interactive process, and I’ll be your guide along the way. 

Hourly financial planning fees are $175 per hour.

If you would like to access financial planning services and this cost is a barrier to you, please do not be discouraged to contact me. A sliding scale and payment plans are available. I can also help connect you to resources and referrals.

For returning clients

| Ongoing Financial Planning |

After your first financial planning session, you may choose to continue working with Just Wealth's hourly financial planning services (see above) at any time.  

Another option is a monthly retainer relationship. Consider me an objective partner for meeting your short and/or long-term financial goals. 

Monthly retainer services include: 

  • Personalized financial planning sessions, at least three times a year
  • Semiannual investment and retirement account check-ups
  • Annual budget, savings, credit report, and estate planning reviews 
  • Annual salary, employee benefits, and insurance reviews
  • Unlimited email support for your financial planning questions
  • 30 minutes of help over the phone each month, as needed
  • Access to your financial plan online 24/7
  • Additional meetings at a reduced rate 

Monthly retainer fees are a percentage of income and net financial assets.

Quality financial planning should be accessible to all. This percentage fee structure provides a sliding scale for individuals and families. 

Schedule a free financial strategy call to learn more about my services.

Or schedule your first financial planning session: 

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